February frolics (2021)

 februaryfrolicsI’d plead guilty. In fact, I’d have no choice but to plead guilty to any charges brought against me of fanciful notions. Spring can do that to a gal……….that’s my weak defence…
Once that semi-hypnotic state takes over, I’m a lost cause, nature‘s magnificence has me captured and I’m putty in her hands. Unavoidable now that the entire landscape reveals wildflower and blossom displays bursting into different colour schemes each week.
Driving becomes increasingly delightful and at the same time distracting. While some part of me continues to function as it ought to, the rest of me breaks free and all at once I’m there with the goats, knowing their joy at the fresh lush greenery, joining them, feasting….. sharing their voracious appetites……………and the car continues along the way…….a clutch of woolly soft lambs are next on the fantasy hit list………we leap and muck about as little ones are wont to, we snuggle in for a nap, all cosy and free of cares…… And the car has, by this time, given up expecting instruction from me, it knows the way, and also knows that by the time we reach the patches of wild Blue Lupins (Lupinus pilosus) I’m back there behind the wheel, eyes drinking in the spectacle. A special flower: one time, many moons ago, renamed Bluepins by a certain young lad, and have since remained Bluepins in my sentimental world.
februaryseapaleochoraThere’s always an element in human nature that enjoys or even revels in reference points from the past, and I am (of course) no exception. An inclination to recall happy memories is there in increasing amounts after the year we’ve all had…..and continue to be dealing with…..During the month I sought comfort in opening up my own memory box – often closed while the daily dealings are dealt with….…but February and the occasional last traces of winter proper can trigger a deep seated need that deserves attending to….forget the daily chores…..get back to other times………. I enjoy reminiscing about the most rewarding and satisfying memories from our café. They emanate from live music nights – old songs and good friends, both new and fresh formed – something stirs deeply at the thought.
februaryoncreteMore so when I came across a box (real box) of CD’s, made by Danish friend/guest/musician Jan The Guitar Man who was inspired to write our very own Water’s Edge Café Song……. Happy memories indeed, even if the song prompts me to recall a time when Lucy (dog, now ageing and limping with arthritis) was actively, obsessively, seeking a mate, or more accurately, several of them….. One of the resulting progeny was Elvis, reminding me that my agonising at the time was to no avail, something good was always meant to come of the crazy time! Now that I’ve intrigued you about the contents of the song…..the CD’s have been left in my care and are available if anyone wishes, I can arrange postage, all that’s asked is to cover costs, and if there’s an inclination, to make a donation to the musician……….or just order your copy and collect when next here.
februaryflowers……Meanwhile, back on the road…..after perhaps too many coffees in Heraklion and heading home for a sunset infused journey of lilacs and pinks settling on the earlier turquoise sea, I had the misfortune to be stuck behind a public bus, chugging its’ way towards Rethymnon. That it was an old style bus caught my attention, usually all we see these days (and they are rare sightings anyway, such are the times…) are the sleek and shiny, new stock of vehicles. This one was an oddity and once I’d restrained my impatient tendencies, and resigned to a slower pace, imagine my surprise to see a large rainbow sticker on the back window with ‘Scotland Forever’ beside it…………..It was with a certain (ok, very small…tiny in fact) amount of regret that I eventually managed to overtake the bus and whizzed us back to Paleochora, my spirits raised and an ability to forgive myself for an event of the previous day, an event I’d chastised myself for and regretted….
In one fell swoop I turned the happiness of finding my first poppy of the year to devastation. On 10th Feb, a single red poppy was gently swinging in the breeze, surprisingly as we’d had a day of sleet showers and fresh snow had fallen very close by only 2 days earlier, closing the road around Kandanos, so this was a real treat. I had to have a photo.
bluesongsWhy??? Why was it so important to have that image?…..why did I let my clumsy fingers touch the petals to stop the swaying?…..Why did I not consider the consequences before petals flew off into the west wind??……Memo to self: …..something about patience….. Patience when stuck behind a bus on the road, patience to know that all in life changes and that soon enough our old and new guests will once again be with us……..in the meantime, I will continue with my (infrequent) cold water swims, it’s a therapy of sorts, takes my mind off the things I have no control over and sends out a message of gratitude for the many lovely days we are blessed to have……..