There are countless beautiful places on the island of Crete and Paleochora is a particularly favourite destination. For the many people who regularly return, it’s like a homecoming and an essential part of their lives.  Here connections are made that last a lifetime, or more – it’s not unusual for several generations to visit together.   Perhaps the older members of a family were among the original hippies in the 70s with memories stretching back decades.  How wonderful to catch up with local friends and meeting new family members.  Is that the magic of Paleochora?  We think so.  That’s the charm of a village reached after a beautiful mountainous journey, too far for mass tourism and small enough for your name to be remembered surprisingly quickly and who knows for how long………. We’re located in the old town of Paleochora, known locally as Gavdiotika (little Gavdos) after the original residents who moved to the area during the land exchange early last century.  From the rocky shoreline there are great sea views, it’s perfect to enjoy a peaceful time and the warm hospitality of Crete.