A January Drive

*right here I ought to have a pic of a tree but it’s not recommended to take photos when I’m driving…….

Heading through Plemeniana 2 geese waddled towards me, down my side of the road, but they graciously allowed me to slow and swerve while they continued their mid morning ‘volta’.
That brief encounter just tickled me in such a way that I wanted to share the moment…and so it all started again…..

I really try and not become all enthused by what I see, tell myself, ‘No…. don’t do it! Don’t go waxing all a lyrical …! ’. It’s hard not to want to comment, otherwise the images haunt me. I know – such enthusiasm for things so simple and ordinary, yet every week there’s something of interest on the drive.

Sometimes rounding a corner, a tree in winter nakedness catches my attention, stark and bold against the winter skyline. Then I can’t help but notice other trees, barks of silver…. of grey…. brown, black, some of striking crimson especially when wet with rain and not forgetting the fuzzy lichen-yellow …. attracts and repulses. All that naked bark, waiting patiently for natures call to leap back to activity and get clothed again.

Confusingly some trees are still holding tight to last years’ leaves, limbs full of rusty, crispy relics in defiance of the season. They’re dotted around near and far, some alone and others spread for miles contrasted among the evergreens. In an instant when the weak sun pops out, the hitherto dull colours light up and the landscape is transformed, magical, stunning.

What keeps those dried leaves on? We’ve had a good share of winter storms and forceful north winds that have shaken other trees bare, shaken everything – thought the solar panels would fly off the roof one night. However, the drive was smooth and it would be easy to be lulled into a false sense of comfort on such a mild, windless, sunny ‘fake’ spring day, when it hits 19oC…and butterflies appear. I know it’s too early for thoughts like that but I slowed down anyway, opened the car window….what was that? Was that really the demonic snigger of lurking February winds?

Guess those leaves will be gone soon.

Flora, january 4th 2020