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The little cafe with the big heart


Giorgos Arkalakis 1915 -1995

And morning until night there is always a risk of friendly banter with host Haris who has, in opening the café in 2001, followed in the footsteps of his father – Giorgos Arkalakis. ‘Little Giorgos’ as he was then known to distinguish him from several other cafe owners of the same name, owned the first cafe on the eastern beach of Paleochora and is remembered very fondly by many old time visitors.  The Water’s Edge Café is situated in the old home of ‘Little Giorgos’, built when he came over from Gavdos to live in Paleochora.




Here is a sample of what we offer on our main menu


Greek, Frappe, Cappuccino, Espresso, Freddo, Latte, Nescafe, Cafetiere


Lipton, Earl Grey, Jasmine, English Breakfast, Mountain Herbal Mixture, Home-made Iced Tea with Lemon and Fresh Mint from the garden


Plain; Ham Cheese & Bacon; Sausage; 3 Cheese; Special (you name it we can put it in!); Special Vegetarian …….all spicy or mild

Toasted Sandwiches

a selection too large to list but which includes Peanut Butter, Sardines along with the regular Ham & Cheese, Bacon & Tomato, Tuna etc…


Greek; Tsatziki; Blue Cheese, Apple & Walnut; Water’s Edge (ham, cheese, egg, salami, olives………etc) Tuna & Sweetcorn; Crispy Bacon & Avocado

In addition we have

fresh juices *** yoghurt smoothies (mmmmmm) *** milk shakes *** yoghurts *** fruit salads ***home-made cakes and cheesecakes*** fresh made pancakes with butter and honey……….***home-made burgers (beef and vegetarian options) ***hand cut fries………

………….and an every night dinner menu…………

Well, that’s the sample – interested?

When possible there are extra dishes available from the kitchen, especially special are fresh fish from Haris’s boat, best to ask one of our Water’s Edge team about the catch of the day.

There’s always a fresh baked cake and if you’re lucky some of Flora’s homemade jam or marmalade.

If you have your own event to celebrate – birthday, anniversary etc., – we can organise champagne, cake, balloons, snacks, meal….to suit your requirements.

Fixed Breakfast Menu

These are the ‘fixed’ breakfast menus, available all day from 8am low season, 7.30 summer months: 


Mini – Fresh Orange Juice, Tea/Coffee, Toast and Boiled Egg

No 1 – OJ, Tea/Coffee, Cake, Toasted Croissant with butter and jam

No 2 – OJ, Tea/Coffee, Cake, Toast, Boiled Egg, Ham, Cheese, Salami & Tomato

No3 – OJ, Tea/Coffee, Cake, Toast, Fried Eggs, Bacon & Tomato

No 4 – Better known as ‘The Mega’…. OJ, Tea/Coffee, Cake, Toast, Fried Eggs, Tomato, Bacon, Sausage, Mushrooms, Fried Bread and Baked Beans ….. just the thing to soak up that hangover or get you ready for a long walk….or a hard day on the beach

No 5 – OJ, Tea/Coffee, Yoghurt & Honey, Paximathi (Rusk Bread), Feta, Graviera Cheese, Olives, Tomato & Olive Oil………….. and a glass of raki for the brave!

Other breakfast items are also available on the main menu.


Come along, meet The Team, enjoy the view, browse the menu while making the most of Happy Hour, meet other guests, chat to locals…………relax……


The Water’s Edge Café – the little café with the big heart. Open all year!!


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